Zoom Settings

WPEventin has Zoom integrated which lets you create and share Zoom events with your guests.

Add Zoom Credentials #

From your dashboard, go to WPEventin->Settings->Zoom Settings. Enable Zoom settings and add your API key and Secret Key.

NOTE: After changing the API key, you must save changes first and then check the connection. If your API key is wrong, you won’t get the Host ID to create a meeting.

Generating API Key and Secret Key #

For this plugin, you need to use JWT token method to make the API connection. Please note, this method is only an account-level connection. The steps are explained below.

  1. Visti https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create
  2. Click on Develop on top of the page and Build App if you do not directly go into https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create page
5. On the Credentials Page. Copy both API key and API Secret after you have filled in the details on the information page.
6. Paste API key and API Secret in your Zoom Settings.

Create Zoom Meeting #

You will see the Zoom Meetings settings from your dashboard. Select WPEventin->Zoom Meeting->Add New. Then fill up the details for Zoom Event and click publish. You will notice the meeting ID when you scroll down to the bottom of the Zoom Meeting edit page.

Zoom Meeting Shortcode Generator #

For shortcode, go to WPEventin->Settings->Shortcode then find Zoom Meeting and click Generate Shortcode. Then select your preferred settings for template, link and Zoom Meeting and click generate to create the shortcode and paste it on your site.

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