Eventin Plugin Settings

General Settings for Eventin Plugin 

Congratulations! You are ready to start creating your Event Management Website with Eventin. You can access all the settings from your dashboard.

General Settings Tab #

From your General Settings tab, you can access Eventin settings to Change Date & Time format, Require Login, Price Label Text and other great features. You can go through the documentation to get detailed instructions on setting up these features.

Eventin Details #

Go to Eventin -> Settings -> Details to get the settings to enable/hide event details on your event page.

Eventin Notifications #

The notifications tab lets you set email accounts to receive notifications on event updates or details. Go to Eventin -> Settings -> Notifications to find the details.

Eventin Zoom Settings #

You can enable the Zoom settings from Eventin -> Settings -> Zoom. You can check the documentation on Zoom Settings for more details.

Eventin Shortcodes #

You will find options to generate shortcodes in Eventin -> Settings -> Shortcode. Check out the documentation for shortcodes to learn more about each settings in details.

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